All About the Usborne Books & More Business

Usborne Books & More Consultants help get great books into the hands of kids by coordinating a variety of programs including:

  • Facebook Parties – Easy & FUN way to help moms shop for award winning books
  • In-home Book Looks for parents – personalized shopping with friends
  • school and library services – helping educators select the *best* resources to help kids have FUN learning!
  • Book Drives – helping organizations get books for children who need them most!
  • Book Fairs – for preschools, schools, businesses and communities
  • Literacy for a Lifetime  – our 50% matching grant program
  • Reach for the Stars – our “read-a-thon” that rewards kids with more books!Reading incentive programs Usborne Drawing, Doodling, Coloring
  • Cards for a Cause – 40% profit greeting card fundraising program.

If you’re ready to launch your business right away, click here to see the starter kit options.

Click here to see the Write Your Own Success incentives for your first 12 weeks of business.

Commission Structure

We earn 17 – 25% commission,  depending on the type of sale (see below), plus monthly sales bonuses!

When you promote to Team Leader, you’ll get an 8.5% bonus on group sales volume each monthly.

BTW, the company covers the cost of free Usborne and Kane/Miller Books to the hostesses and organizations.

Type of Sale and Commission Earned

  • Book Looks/Facebook Parties (aka book party) – 25%
  • Web Sales & E-shows* – 25%
  • Book Fairs and Reach for the Stars – 17% – school/organization gets 50% free books
  • Literacy for a Lifetime (50% matching grant program) – 17%,  school/organization gets 50% free books
  • E-Fairs* – 17%,  school/organization gets 50% of sales in free books
  • School and Library Sales – 25%  (must be a certified Educational Consultant to work this market**)
  • Cards for a Cause – greeting card fundraiser – 10% commission

Your commission is paid via direct deposit every Wednesday.

* Usborne Consultant starter kits include the first 6 months of e-commerce website service.  CLICK HERE to see a demo of the site.  The orders are sent by UPS to customers directly from the Home Office.

** Educational Consultant certification is required to call on schools K-12 and public libraries.  Ask your UBAM rep. about the certification process. 

Personal Sales Bonus

Earn 4%* of total sales in personal sales bonus, every month your sales reach $1000+  

* (Personal Sales Bonus is paid on Book Look, Web and School & Library Sales only)

New Usborne Consultant Books and Awards!   (in addition to commissions and bonuses)


During your first 12 weeks, you may give DOUBLE FREE BOOKS (merchandise allowance) to up to 20 hostesses with home show orders of $250+ and at least one booking.  When we schedule your business launch, you’ll be your own hostess, earning BOTH commission AND the hostess benefits! Sweet! 🙂  Click here for Double Free Books pdf chart.

“WRITE YOUR OWN SUCCESS STORY”  Incentives to earn in your first 12 weeks

Step 1 – $1000 in 30 days = earn your Success Kit* #1 AND 1/2 price kit refund!  You are now a “Success Bound” Consultant!

Step 2 – $2000 in 30 days = FULL kit refund,  Do this within your first 12 weeks PLUS sponsor one new Consultant = earn Success Kit #2 (*additional titles and supplies also valued at $50)

Step 3 – $3250 and sponsor two new Consultants in first 12 weeks = $100 in free books of your choice!

Step 4 – $4500 and sponsor two new Consultants in first 12 weeks = $100 cash bonus!

In Addition – for every new Consultant you sponsor during your first 12 weeks, YOU receive $25 in free books!

The Next Chapter…Promote To Team Leader

Express Success Promotion – Promote to Team Leader during your Incentive Period (by the 1st of the month following your incentive date) and receive $300 in free books of your choice PLUS $200 cash!

Plus you’ll get recognition at our annual summer Convention!

What’s required to Promote to Team Leader?

  • Sponsored three Success Bound Consultants* on your team
  • For two consecutive months post $1000 in personal sales
  • For two consecutive months your team needs $2750 in sales (includes your $1000)
  • Submit Leader/Supervisor Application to the Home Office by the 15th of the month prior to promotion

What else do I earn when I promote to Team Leader?

  • $100 Cash
  • 1000 points for the current travel contest
  • An 8.5% override on your group sales (including your personal sales) each month going forward!

But wait, there’s more! LOL – the Leader Story Continued…

Maintain $2750 in group sales and $1000 in personal sales for each of your first three months as Team Leader & have 5 personal Success Bound recruits by the end of your 3rd month as a Leader and earn an additional $500 cash bonus!

Our home office offers many monthly Home Office Challenge prizes (branded swag, new titles, etc.) that help us grow our business and have fun while helping kids learn!

There are also…

  • AWESOME TRAVEL AWARDS (Hawaii, Rome, Mayan Riviera, Costa Rica, etc.)
  • and special contests by announcement from the home office



Central Group – 8.5% override for central group sales. This includes all your personally sponsored team members and their recruits and their recruits and so on, excluding those who promote out of your central group.  It also includes that 8.5% additional on your own personal sales, in addition to your commission.

1st Level Breakaway groups

  • 5.5% override on Facebook/Home Parties and School and Library sales
  • 2.75% on Book Fairs.
  • When someone in your central group promotes to Leader, then they and their entire group are now your first level. You can have an unlimited number of first level groups.

2nd Level Breakaway groups

  • 4% override on Facebook/Home Parties and School and Library sales
  • 2% on Book Fairs
  • When someone in your first level breakaway promotes to Leader, then they and their entire group are now your second level. You can have an unlimited number of second level groups.

3rd Level Breakaway groups – When you have at least three 1st level Team Leaders and one 3rd level Team Lead, then you are an Executive Team Leader and are eligible for:

  • 1% override on your 3rd level groups during any month that your executive group sells $25,000 in Home/Facebook Parties and School and Library sales
  • .5% on Book Fairs
  • When someone in your second level promotes to Leader, then they and their entire group are now your third level. You can have an unlimited number of third level groups.

Promotion Levels Include:

Team Leader
Senior Team Leader
Executive Team Leader
Senior Executive Team Leader and…Director

The Usborne Books and More business is a flexible, fun, family friendly home based business that helps promote literacy.   If you’d like to learn more, find me on facebook at Cathy Roberts Eads, or my business page, text me at 770-367-6335,  Email or call me toll free 1-888-305-2120.  I’m happy to help.   If you’re ready to get started, you can order your starter kit online today.

FAQs about the Usborne Business

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