My Story

On a cold, snowy day in January 1996 I started my own business with Usborne Books at Home.  This is the story of the wonderful things this business has brought to my family and me and that it can offer you and yours too.

I was on maternity leave with my first child, knowing that I would have to return to my teaching job in a matter of weeks.  I was searching for a home business I could build along side teaching, and the needs of my new baby and dear husband, so that when I had another child, I’d be able to stay home with my kids and still contribute to our family income.  I also had to find a business I could be proud of.  I needed a product and business plan that would make a positive impact on the lives of others, and make the income I needed to be a work at home mom.

On that winter day, I visited a local Usborne Books group meeting to take a look at these books and see what Usborne Books was all about. I visited the home of another mommy, my sponsor, and now my Director and dear friend Ruth Smith. I was skeptical on the way there. How in the world could I sell something to people? I didn’t know a thing about sales! How could I speak in front of a group? I just know how to speak in a classroom of children, groups of grown ups make me nervous! What will people say if I start my own business? They’ll think I’m just toying with a hobby. They might not think this is legit! And besides, I’ve never even heard of Usborne Books and I’m a schoolteacher, they must not be very good.

Cathy, Nancy Ann Wartman, Ruth Smith & Patti McClimans at 2010 UBAM Convention

I was in for a very pleasant surprise.

I walked into Ruth’s house, 3 month old in tow, and I’ve never looked back. I immediately fell in love with these incredibly wonderful books! They were beautifully illustrated, thoroughly written and designed with children’s interests and abilities in mind, and produced with high quality materials. They’ve even won national and international educational awards! And I was going to get to share them with everyone who had, worked with or knew children. That’s what I had to do, share the books and share the business. Hmmm – I could do that! I had found just exactly what I had been looking for in a business – a fantastic product that would enrich the lives of children, and a profitable and fair business plan that I could build around my family’s needs. I didn’t know it then, but I was also joining a group of wonderful women who value family and education, support my business goals and have become my trusted friends.

Through my Usborne business, I have learned countless business skills, earned the income to stay home with my children, promoted to Senior Executive Supervisor, made wonderful friends, helped many children and families (including my own) add Usborne Books to their home libraries, earned trips to Hawaii and Italy for my whole family, paid for the complete renovation of my kitchen and many kids’ activities, all while helping other women start their own businesses and meet their personal goals.  I am privileged to work with a thriving group of strong Consultants & Supervisors spreading literacy across America!  We have team members in KY, PA, FL, CA, ID, IN, GA, LA, MI, MD, NC, NY, OH, OR, TX, VA, SC, IL, MI, MS, MO, KS, NE, NM, NV, OK, and WA.  We are making an impact on literacy while helping our families.

It’s a great business to be a part of and I hope you’ll join us!