Book of the Week – Rope ’em by Stacy Nyikos

Author: Stacy Nyikos
Ages 4 yrs +
Kane Miller

Oklahoma author of “Rope ‘Em”, Stacy Nyikos, was recently featured in the Tulsa World. She hosted a book signing at the Oklahoma Aquarium. Below is a link to the write up about her journey with EDC Publishing and Kane Miller Books. You can read the article here

“This is definitely a unique combination of themes for us but I think the story works well. We have enjoyed it thoroughly and now must share it with you all. If you get a chance to hunt it down and check it out – do!” – Reading to Know (March 10, 2011)

“… a book that has “lots of laughs” written all over it! The story of a lassoing-octopus and a round-up’ing seahorse – the best cowhands ever!! You will love this story set in the O.K. Coral!!” – Biblio Reads (February 13, 2011)

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