Kane/Miller Books called “A GREAT Children’s Publisher”

It’s really great to be proud of what you do for a living. And I’m extra proud on days when others recognize the unique and intrinsic value of the extraordinary books I’m working to help get into the hands of kids.

from Shelly J’s “Just a Kid At Heart Children’s Book Reviews” blog…

Do you know Kane/Miller?

I’ve asked that question about two hundred times now, to nearly every group or individual I’ve spoken to about children’s books. If you answered no, you will be grateful to find out about them.

Kane/Miller is one of the best, most unusual publisher of some of the best children’s picture books, not just in the United Sates, but in the world. They search the world for great children’s books, translate them as needed, and publish them in the United States for an audience that would likely never see them otherwise. As a result, the Kane/Miller catalog is unusually full of award-winning, engaging, best-selling, classic-in-the-making books.

visit her site: http://shelleyj1.wordpress.com/2010/03/04/kanemiller-a-favorite-publisher/
to see a list of some of her favorite Kane/Miller titles.

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