Three B’s of reading – from Jim Trelease

OK – so I rely heavily on Jim Trelease for recommendations on reading at home with your kids.  You know what, he’s the expert.  So I consider myself one of his disciples, and I am out here spreading his message. 🙂

These are three incredibly easy ways to encourage reading in children of all ages.

# 1 B is of course BOOKS – you need to have lots of them around, from your own collections or from the public library.

# 2 B is BASKETS – have one in the bathroom and one on the breakfast table and fill them with a handful of, you guessed it- books!  These are two areas where kids can be sitting idly and having some books to read helps pass the time in a constructive, fun way. Rotate titles in and out when they need some new material in there.

# 3 B is a Bed Lamp – so kids can have (possibly earn) the privilege to stay up a little later than normal with their favorite books.  It’s also nice when you’re still doing all the reading to be able to snuggle up in the bed with them, without a glaring light from overhead, just the soft light of a bedside lamp instead.

Thanks to Mr. Trelease for sharing the 3 B’s of reading with us in his Read Aloud Handbook.

Happy reading to you!


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